Affiliates Introduction

Holding Company

COSMO & Company Inc. is
the holding company of COSMO Group.

COSMO Group is comprised of two business units: The manufacturing BU that manufactures chemical materials and the distribution BU that imports and sells global top brand goods.

Our manufacturing BU subsidiaries include COSMO Chemical – the only titanium dioxide producer in Korea and the first manufacturer in our country to produce cobalt sulfate, the core material used for secondary batteries – COSMO AM&T – the producer of IT-related materials including cathode materials for secondary batteries and release film for MLCCs – and COSMO Catalysts – the producer of various inorganic materials such as zeolite.

Our distribution BU subsidiaries include COSMO & Company – the holding company of the group, and at the same time the distributor of household appliances, constructor of curtain walls, windows, civil construction, technology and service broker for corporations, and the distributor and seller of ski and leisure equipment – and COSMO L&B – the distributor of wines and Japanese sakes.