Affiliates Introduction

Distribution Sector

Found in June 1981, COSMO & Company Inc. serves as a holding company
of COSMO Group, and was transformed into an operating company through
merges with its subsidiaries in September 2014.
COSMO & Company Inc. comprises of HA department, TBL department,
administration and management department, and the holding company department.

  • Incorporation Date June 1981
  • Head Office Seoul
  • Mainline 02.6201.6818

COSMO L&B, with the concept of ‘Cool Wine from Cool Region’,
imports wine from produced from ‘cool climate’ regions around the world,
and introduces boutique wines from Bourgogne, France, Germany, Austria, Italy,
Slovenia, USA, Australia, and Chile.

  • Incorporation Date August 2017
  • Head Office Seoul
  • Mainline 02.2088.8127