Affiliates Introduction

Overseas Affiliates

JSI proposes optimal solutions to our customers through consulting covering residential,
office, and leisure real estate by creating new value in the real estate business.
We are committed to providing customer satisfaction through our know-how in operating the finest golf tours and ryokan resorts.

  •  Incorporation DateDecember 2007
  • Head Office Tokyo
  • Mainline 03.5608.7135

COSMO GLOBAL is engaged in new business discovery and investment projects centered on the import and export of non-ferrous metals.
We respond to rapidly changing times with constant challenges and pioneer new products to provide optimal solutions customized for the customers.

  •  Incorporation DateMarch 2011
  • Location Tokyo
  • Mainline 03.6820.9011

ASI is a corporation for strategic investment in the Americas.
With the vision for  ‘better life’, our areas of interest are entertainment,
healthcare and climate mitigation technology.
Currently, we are reviewing renewable energy and decarbonization
technology projects to invest along with other fields.

  • Incorporation Date June 2009
  • Head Office LA

CGC (COSMO GLOBAL CHINA) is a local corporation for strategic
investment in COSMO Group's China business and operates trade/distribution,
management and investment advisory businesses in the following industries.
We will build a diverse portfolio and strive to grow into a top-tier company
with constant challenges.
* Key industrial sectors
1. Electric vehicle and secondary battery industries
2. Environmental and renewable energy industries
3. Inorganic chemical industry
4. Mineral industries such as rare earths
5. Liquor industry

  • Incorporation Date January 2008
  • Head Office Beijing

COSMO Vietnam


COSMO Vietnam is investing in a diverse range of future growing
business aimed at enhancing Vietnam's growth and improving the well-being
of its citizens. Through these investments, COSMO Vietnam strives to drive
economic development in Vietnam while simultaneously elevating
the quality of life for Vietnamese.
Looking ahead, COSMO Vietnam remains committed to actively collaborating with
Vietnam for its continued progress. Building upon a foundation of sustained
investments in various ESG business fields, COSMO Vietnam seeks to foster a mutually
beneficial partnership that drives cooperative growth alongside Vietnam.

  • Incorporation Date October 2023
  • Head Office Ho Chi Minh City